Terms and Conditions – Partner

  1. Introduction
    1. These general terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’ apply to your use of Easyr.dk for you as a service partner (partner) and agreements entered into via Easyr.dk (the ‘Agreement’). References to the “App” include www.easyr.dk, easyr.io or other websites, services, software, applications or media, controlled by EasyR ApS (EasyR).
    2. By creating a company profile accepts you as a Partner, that EasyR has the authority to negotiate or enter into an agreement on the sale of services on behalf of The partner
    3. You accept our terms of use when you create a profile and use EasyR as a partner. These terms of use apply in the relationship between EasyR and partner.
    4. In connection with these Terms of Use, EasyR’s data policy applies to the processing of personal data that is accessed here
    5. By any use of EasyR, you accept that no claims can be made against EasyR in relation to the agreements you enter into with the private customer via EasyR.
    6. You accept our terms of use and data policy when you create a profile as a company.
  2. Services
    1. EasyR brings together professional service providers (‘Partners’) in one place, so that private individuals can easily and conveniently order services, e.g. cleaning for the home.   Our Partners are professional companies that offer services to individuals. Via the EasyR App, an inquiry and ordering function is facilitated, which enables you to obtain offers from our Partners in the local area, compare, confirm, pay and get support via the App.
  3. Payment, pricing and invoicing
    1. Partners set their own hourly rate. The hourly rate is set incl. VAT. The hourly rate goes uncut to Partners.
    2. When booking a service, EasyR automatically generates an invoice incl. VAT to the Customer and EasyR received payment from the Customer. EasyR subsequently settles Partners every 14 days via bank transfer and credit note.
    3. If the Service is not completed, for whatever reason, the Customer is not obliged to pay.
  4. Creating a partner profile
    1. It is free to create and use a partner profile on EasyR. By creating a profile with EasyR, you agree to:
      1. Be CVR-registered and have a Danish bank
      2. The information on your profile is correct.
      3. Comply with Danish laws and regulations that apply online as well as offline.
      4. Comply with our Terms and Conditions and Data Policy
      5. Avoid unauthorized access to EasyR or false reviews.
    2. The profile will be validated and approved by EasyR before the partner profile is active.
    3. Possibly. misuse of your craftsman profile is not the responsibility of EasyR. By contacting our customer service from the App or info@easyr.dk , EasyR can be helpful in blocking your profile.
    4. You may not use EasyR to refer to or market services and services that compete with or are otherwise comparable to EasyR. This applies to both similar online portals and offline sites.
    5. You may not approach customers brought by EasyR for the purpose of providing a competing service outside the App. This is considered material abuse and EasyR reserves the right to discontinue your user profile without further ado.
    6. EasyR may require payment for manyCommission if the Partner enters into agreements of customers who are brought via the app in the first place
  5. Your membership
    1. You can terminate your membership from your profile at any time. There is no notice of termination, ie. your termination will take effect the same day you terminate your membership. You will be logged out of the EasyR App automatically upon termination of your membership.
  6. About your offers on assignments
    1. Once you have confirmed an offer on a task, the customer is not obliged to say yes to the offer. If the user accepts your offer, the agreement is binding on you. However, the customer still has the right of withdrawal, as stated in our terms and conditions for customers. You accept the rules for cancellation, which appear in the customer conditions.
    2. In cases where there is a need to change the date and / or time of the agreement from either your or the customer’s side, you can either send a new offer or simply make a new agreement via it via the chat function in the App.
    3. By submitting an offer, you guarantee that:
      1. it emitvoffers are not binding
      2. the task is locked in relation to your given hourly rate
      3. the scope of the work is clear from the checklist
  7. treasure
    1. EasyR is not responsible for partners ‘and customers’ payment of tax and use of tax deductions, etc.
  8. Keys
    1. You must be responsible for the key transfer in collaboration with the Customer. Either it is provided via the App’s information function or direct contact. The customer can also choose to give you a permanent key.
    2. EasyR assumes no responsibility for lost keys or the like.
  9. Rights
    1. All content on the website and in apps, including text, scripts, images, flash files, graphics, sound, music, videos, interactive function and the like, is owned or licensed to easyr.dk. The use of this content is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights applicable under Danish law.
    2. 9.1 excludes trademarks and logos of third parties,
  10. Content and abuse
    1. EasyR may only be used for its purpose, ie. as a local platform for service providers.
    2. EasyR reserves the right to close company profiles if you have acted in violation of our Terms and Conditions or Danish law in general.
  11. Changes to conditions
    1. EasyR may, when we deem it appropriate, add or otherwise adapt these Terms and Conditions. It is recommended that you read the terms and conditions carefully every time you visit the website or apps, as they may affect your rights.
  12. In general
    1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Denmark and must be construed accordingly. Any dispute between you and EasyR must be settled by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.
    2. These terms and conditions, together with EasyR’s Data Processing Policy and other publicly available legal texts, constitute the entire agreement between you and EasyR regarding the App and its services

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