Terms and Conditions – Customer

  1. Introduction
    1. These general terms and conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) apply to your use of Easyr.dk and agreements entered into via Easyr.dk (the ‘Agreement’). References to the “App” include www.easyr.dk, easyr.io or other websites, services, software, applications or media, controlled by EasyR ApS (‘EasyR’). Upon creation of profile and as well use of the App, you consent to and accept these Terms and Conditions and that you are at least 18 years of age or are in possession of parental or guardian acceptance of your use.
    2. By creating a user profile, you as a customer accept that EasyR has the authority to negotiate or enter into an agreement to purchase services on behalf of you as the buyer.
    3. If you cannot accept these Terms and Conditions, do not use the App.
    4. As part of the Terms and Conditions, you accept EasyR’s privacy policy for the processing of personal data that is accessed here
    5. The operation of the App is handled by EasyR ApS, CVR. Nr. 41441283, Munkebjergvej 68, 2770 Kastrup,info@easyr.dk
  2. Services
    1. EasyR brings together professional service providers (‘Partners’) in one place, so that private individuals can easily and conveniently order services, e.g. cleaning for the home.
    2. Our Partners are professional companies that offer services to individuals. Via the EasyR App, an inquiry and ordering function is facilitated, which enables you to obtain offers from our Partners in the local area, compare, confirm, pay and get support via the App.
    3. Services are managed and performed by the CVR-registered Partners who offer their services via our App.
    4. The agreement on the provision of a service is entered into between you and our Partners. EasyR is only the mediator of contact between you and EasyR can not be held responsible for the service (s) provided. The responsibility for the execution of the work is solely our Partners. EasyR is not obliged to provide compensation for any complaints. EasyR is not responsible for the quality or legality of the tasks performed. EasyR is not responsible for rebooking, delays or no-shows, just as EasyR does not control the performance of the task and its quality.
    5. Booking of services from Partners may only be done via the App. Personal support is available on stated days and times onwww.easyr.dk
    6. After the first service with a Partner, it is forbidden to enter into an agreement outside Easyr regarding the performance of later tasks. If it happens anyway, Easy reservesR reserves the right to charge the usual commission for such services, regardless of about ordering is done outside of EasyR.
  3. About Partners
    1. Partners are all resident in Denmark and are CVR registered. Once you have received an offer from Partners, you can access their profiles, where you, among other things. can see reviews from other private users and thereby safely choose a Partner to perform your task.
  4. About offers
    1. You are not obligated to say yes to the offers you receive. If you have accepted an offer, you have the opportunity to cancel or change your order. See section 6.3.
  5. Registration of accounts
    1. Creating a profile is free. By creating a profile, you confirm that:
      1. you are 18 years old,
      2. you have provided the correct user information, and
      3. you comply with the Terms and Conditions.
    2. You can close and delete your profile at any time by writing to customer service directly from the App or via info@easyr.dk
    3. You have a duty to keep your user information private, including password and payment information. Possibly. misuse of your user profile, EasyR is not responsible for. By contacting our customer service via the App or info@easyr.dk , EasyR can be helpful in blocking your profile.
  6. Use of our offer and ordering service
    1. When ordering a service, Easyr charges a service fee, which appears in connection with ordering. The total price for the ordered service is stated on your receipt. There are no additional fees. All prices are incl. VAT.
    2. EasyR reserves the right to refuse service to any customer if EasyR deems it appropriate. EasyR also reserves the right to cancel your order. In that case, Easyr will inform you as far as possible.
    3. Cancellation or changes for booked agreement
      1. You can change your appointment in the App. You have the option to cancel or change your booking up to 24 hours before the booked appointment. When ordering a service, you agree that our Partner will start delivering its service. The right of withdrawal ceases when the service is provided. If you regret before the service is completed, our Partner is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for his work already performed.
      2. If the agreement is not canceled or amended in time, EasyR reserves the right to charge the full price of the service.
  7. Payment
    1. Your card information is handled by Reepay A/S, which guarantees a safe handling of your money. EasyR thus does not have access to your card information and cannot be held responsible for any misuse of your card informationysninger
    2. The agreed amount is reserved on your payment card upon acceptance of an offer. The amount will be deducted from your credit card when our Partner notifies Easyr that it has performed the work. EasyR will then send you a receipt to your e-mail address. All receipts can also be found in the App itself.
    3. In the case of recurring services, payment is automatically deducted after each service performed, eg every week or every other week, depending on your choice of subscription with our Partner.
  8. Payment cards and transactions
    1. EasyR accepts card payments via eg Visa, Visa / Dankort, Visa Electron and Mastercard as well as mobilepay and Applepay.
    2. You can delete, renew or change your card, or payment method in the App.
  9. Complaint
    1. If a service does not live up to your expectations, you can create an objection. If you and our Partner cannot internally clarify the objection, then each of you can contact EasyR’s support, who can suggest a solution to the dispute. Support can choose to take the customer’s or partner’s side of the dispute based on the course of the process and any compensation is agreed separately.
    2. Complaints about delivered service must be made as soon as possible via the App and must be accompanied by photos and description.
    3. EasyR cannot be set to account for theft and vandalism in connection with services provided by our Partners.
  10. Termination
    1. You can cancel your subscription at any time in accordance with the conditions for Right of Withdrawal and Cancellation, see section 6.3
    2. You can cancel your subscription via the App or by contacting EasyR.
    3. EasyR may terminate or suspend your right to use the App at any time by giving you written notice.
  11. treasure
    1. EasyR is not responsible for your or our Partners’ payment of tax, use of tax deductions, etc.
  12. Keys
    1. You must be responsible for the key transfer. Coordination can be done via the App or by direct contact to our Partners.
    2. EasyR assumes no responsibility for lost keys or the like.
  13. Rights
    1. All content on the App, including text, scripts, images, flash files, graphics, audio, music, videos, interactive function and the like, is owned or licensed to EasyR. The use of this content is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights applicable under Danish law.
    2. 13.1 is with the exception of 3rd party trademarks and logos,
  14. Content and abuse
    1. EasyR may only be used for its purpose, ie. as a local platform for service providers.
    2. EasyR reserves the right to close user profiles if you have acted in violation of our Terms and Conditions or Danish law in general.
  15. Changes by Tradeconditions
    1. EasyR may, when we deem it appropriate, add or otherwise adapt these Hconditions of participation. It is recommended that you read the terms and conditions carefully every time you visit the website or apps, as they may affect your rights.
  16. In general
    1. These Terms of trade is subject to the legislation of Denmark, and must be interpreted accordingly. Any dispute between you and EasyR must be settled by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.
    2. These terms and conditions, together with EasyR’s Data Processing Policy and other publicly available legal texts, constitute the entire agreement between you and EasyR regarding the App and its services.